MTB Friendly Accommodation

Accommodation is very important, as a mountain biker you do not want to be miles from the trails, and you definitely want to make sure your expensive steed is safe at all times. 

Below is a list of accommodations that are MTB friendly, and on the trail system(s). The properties showing the ” Ribbon” have been tested and approved by us, and we can guarantee they are very MTB friendly and offer numerous trails at their doorstep, a basic bike wash ( hose pipe) and free WiFi 

The properties that are listed here without the “Ribbon” come highly recommended by their owners, guaranteeing they are MTB friendly, offering safe storage for your steed, ideally located on or very near trails, a basic bike wash ( hose pipe) and offer free WiFi. 

MTB Friendly

 Accommodations listed with the ribbon has been personally tested and approved by Mountain Biking Dordogne 


Please contact the accommodation owners directly with any questions, DO NOT contact us about any of these properties, we are unable to answer questions regarding these accommodations.

Click on the image for more info about the below accommodations


B&B Ferme de Tayac

Ferme de Tayac

Les Eyzies de Tayac

La Borie Chic

La Borie Chic


Le Chevrefeuille

Le Chevrefeuille




La Boucherie 

La Boucherie and La Maison Jaune

St Priest Les Fougeres