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Ferme de Tayac

Ferme de Tayac

Most people visiting the Vezere and Dordogne Valley have an interest in history, so why not stay a few nights in an historic B&B in the heart of it all?. B&B Ferme de Tayac, a 12th century former farmhouse / monastery ideally situated in Les Eyzies de Tayac, in the heart of the Vezere Valley, known as the “Prehistoric Capital of the World”  B&B Ferme de Tayac is a must place to stay if you are visiting the Dordogne, since it officially opened to the public 6 years ago, it has been rated the #1 B&B accommodation in Les Eyzies 6 years running.


B&B Ferme de Tayac is a 12th Century former Monastery farmhouse, lived in and run by the Monks who owned and worked the land for hundreds of years. Located in the heart of the Vezere Valley in the picturesque small village of Tayac, just 8 minutes walk from the center of Les Eyzies.

In 2001 Suzanne & Mike purchased Ferme de Tayac after it had been unoccupied for over 10 years. It was in a sorry state, and was deemed dangerous and a hazzard. It took Suzanne & Mike 7 years to bring Ferme de Tayac back to it’s former glory. With among other things, meter thick walls, rooms built into solid rock, oak beam structures, and bedrooms in former monks quarters make Ferme de Tayac a speacial and very unique place to stay whilst visiting the Dordogne, and it is not hard to see why Ferme de Tayac has been the travellers choice of accommodation for 2 years.

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History of Ferme de Tayac

In the early 12th century 6 Monks from the Monastery of Paunat were travelling between Monasteries when one of the Monks became very ill, they set up camp in Tayac near a water source. The monk was dieing, but miraculously healed after drinking the water from the “Tayac Source”. To the Monks of Paunat this was a “Sign” and round about 1113 they started building the magnificent and fortified church of Tayac, they called it “St Martin”.
At the same time, the Monks of Paunat started working the land in this lush Vezere valley, they built the farmhouse / monastery, which is now “Ferme de Tayac” that has been completely renovated, and is now a lovely B&B opposite the church.
For hundreds of years the Monks lived here and worked the lands, bit by bit houses were built against the rock. The water from the “Tayac Source” was taken to other surrounding Monasteries, for it’s healing powers, Tayac was thriving. Two centuries later, things took a turn, wars were breaking out, armies were constantly attacking areas and strongholds. Religion and all that went with it lost it’s power, and very slowly the life in and around Tayac became what it is today. St. Martin still stands proud, and is without doubt the nicest Fortified Church in the Perigord, the “Tayac Source” is still there, although no longer in use.




Mountain Biking DordogneFerme de Tayac has been my choice of Dordogne accommodation every year from March through May ever since I came to the Vezere Valley 5 years ago. Suzanne and Mike spent 10 years renovating this 12th century former farmhouse / monastery. 
Ferme de Tayac is a wonderful and historic accommodation, the rooms are very spacious, the beds are large and comfortable. Ideally located in the small hamlet of Tayac within easy walking distance of Les Eyzies where you have a large choice of restaurants, cafe’s and shops. Ferme de Tayac is the starting point of ALL the trails I have shred, and put together myself. I can HIGHLY recommend B&B Ferme de Tayac



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