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Duke Mtb DordogneDuke is the “one” behind Walking Dordogne and Mountain Biking Dordogne ..
As long as he is “outdoors” he is happy, and seeing as that he spends most of his days in the outdoors he is always the happy go lucky fella.
There is probably no one that knows the Vezere Valley as well as Duke, he has been exploring this area since he was knee high to a grasshopper, both above ground and underground.
Chances are, that if you book a trip with “Walking Dordogne” you will be guided by Duke, if you book a “exploration” trip with Walking Dordogne, then he will definitely be your guide, that’s because only he knows where you are going, and how to get there, and more importantly… how to get back!!
90% of all the mtb trails we offer, were put together by Duke. When Duke is not exploring the Dordogne, he is exploring other parts of the world.


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Rip3d Mtb Dordogne

If you ask .. where is Rip3d?, the answer would be simple.. On a mountain bike!!.. however, ask us where his mountain bike is, and your guess would be as good as ours!!. Rip3d has done more “mountain biking miles” than your average truck driver does on the road!
Duke and Rip3d met in the mountain biking capital of the world.. Moab USA  3 years ago. Now, Rip3d makes his way to the Dordogne every year to ride the “oldest trails in the world”.
Everyone loves Rip3d, he enjoys life to the max, and that shows, his personal advice to everyone is ” Go to bed with a smile, and you’ll wake up with a smile”
If you need to shred some trails from March through June, then you will definitely be following Rip3d, as he takes you to the BEST kept secrets the Dordogne has to offer. Just make sure you keep your eye on the time, ‘cos once he gets on his “steed”  he doesn’t know when to stop!!



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The Dordogne, also known as the Perigord is without a doubt one of the most interesting and diverse regions in the world. The Vezere Valley in the “Perigord Noir” is with it’s more than 250 UNESCO sites of interest, the undisputed “Prehistoric Capital of the World”. Prehistoric dwellings, caves, rock shelters and lots more, most of which are only accessible on foot.
However, Dordogne has much more to offer than just relics from the Prehistoric era, castles, bastides, medieval towns & villages, all of these,and lots more, all in the stunning and amazing scenery the Dordogne is famous for, hills, cliffs, windy rivers, great weather, friendly locals, and lots more make the Dordogne one of the most interesting and exciting places in the world.

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